March 30, 2020

This is what I have learned after so many different experiments on myself.

“If you want it, you can have it.” Link
“If you want it, you can have it.”

This is what I have learned after so many different experiments on myself. There are so many colours of consciousness to experience in life, but unless you put yourself out of your comfort zone, and you do it often enough, your life will be limited to a palette of a few shades of grey.

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It’s easy to outsource your experiences to the TV, but there is no comparing the colour of your TV to the colour of life.

Instead, you’ll be the person who harbours opinions on stuff that you have no experience doing yourself. Maybe you read about it, maybe you know someone who used to do it, but:

Have you done it?

Doing is quite literally the number one way to learn. You can read, you can think, you can discuss, but all of those are just meditations before doing the action. They are language-based activities which means that the information that can be transferred is limited to what must be describable by a human language of some kind.

“Some things are indescribable.”

Just Try To Remember This Link
Just Try To Remember This

By doing the action, you will uncover new streams of information via first-hand experience that nobody can describe. You will understand the feeling of the experience; feelings are notoriously difficult to describe.

Try to remember this the next time someone tells you something out of the ordinary, especially contrary to your beliefs, and you feel your face uncontrollably morphing into a glaze of horror, your ego battling to avoid deviation from your tunneled perspective of reality.

When talking about the wild way of living, some concepts are often a 180 degree turn from some people’s reality. I certainly reacted in the same way when I first heard about fasting, or hot/cold therapy, meditation, peace and love, or even physical exercise.

All it took was to hear it from the right person, explained in the right way, but also while being in the right frame of mind for it to be received.

Ask Yourself Link
Ask Yourself

  • How often do I take myself out of my comfort zone?
  • How often do I challenge my beliefs?
  • What is the motivation and quality of the material I consume?
  • What is the experience and success of the people I listen to?
  • How often am I in a receptive state to novel information?
  • Do I only seek content that is aligned to my specific view of the world?

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