Dear Dieter

Have you been on a diet for the last 31 years?

The average woman spends 31 years of her life dieting. That's literally half your adult life. By “dieting”, that means changing the way you would naturally eat in order to lose weight.

If you're aged between 45 and 64, then you're likely the most committed. By the age of 60, you might be on your 61st diet by now! But each diet lasts just five and a half weeks![1]

Dieting is boring and depressing.

Normally, this means saying no to all the foods you really want. Bread. Steak. Butter. Cheese. Bacon.

Now you have to eat boring stuff. Salads. Turkey breast. Fake sugar.

Maybe you’re even counting calories. Deliberating over every gram of food. Maybe you’re tracking every step. Counting every calorie. Turning life into an equation.

But you’re eating so little that you just walk around depressed, cranky and starving all day. We know. It sucks!

...and it clearly doesn't work.

But if dieting worked, why would you need to be on a diet half of your adult life?

Clearly the weight isn’t staying off. Sure you lost 1 kg two months ago cutting out bread. But now you weigh more than before. Is that success?

This is happening to everyone! It means only one thing:

Dieting doesn't work!

It gets worse: Dieting damages the body!

After reducing your calories for a certain amount of time, the body adapts. But not in a good way.

While you lose weight at the start, the body thinks you are starving it.

It makes you hungrier.

It makes you get full slower.

It makes you crave high-calorie foods.

It makes your metabolism work slower.

It makes it harder and harder for you to lose weight.[2]

As you get older, after years of failed diets, the body makes it nearly impossible to lose weight .

Why is my body doing this to me?

The body tries its hardest to keep everything the same. It’s called homeostasis.

As you reduce your calories, your body gets worried. It doesn’t know when you’re going to get your next proper meal. It holds onto the fat you already have.

And then it adapts to make sure that it holds onto it better next time. It slows your metabolism down!

You're probably broken by now!

After years of dieting, your body is broken. Your hunger is high. Every diet you try now is going to fail.

You’re never going to be able to stick to a diet. All diets have something in common: They only work if you stick to them.

But for anything to work now, you need to fix your metabolism!

If you're over 40, this might be your last chance.

You need to act quickly. The longer you leave it, the harder it’s going to get. You must fix your metabolism as quickly as possible.

If you’re obese, you’re 80 times more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes [3].

If you develop Type 2 Diabetes, you’re twice as likely to die young [4] .

For your long-term health you need to fix your metabolism now!

A new way to fix your metabolism.

At WildLife, we know the secrets to fix a broken body. It’s a miracle really. It’s a method so powerful that it can even reverse Type 2 Diabetes [5] .

It might be a method new to you, but it has been around for over 10,000 years. It’s so powerful that it has stood the test of time.

People spend so much time focusing on what to eat. But what about when to eat? It’s just as important!

That's all fasting is.

Fasting is just a realisation that when to eat is just as important as what to eat.”

Fasting teaches you how to turn stored fat into fuel!

Fasting resets your metabolism. It resets how your body calls for food. It resets how the mind connects with food.

Fasting turns on systems in your body that have never been activated before. It tells your body to turn fat into fuel.

It can reverse 30+ years of unhealthy yo-yo dieting in just a few months. Ever heard of the keto diet? Fasting is keto x10000!

Fasting doesn't require willpower.

In today's world, there's food everywhere. In fact, there's too much food!

It's hard to constantly make decisions about what to eat and what not to eat. This is called decision fatigue. This is why Steve Jobs always wore the same outfit.

There's always an excuse for chocolates, biscuits and cake. And there's always the same guilt that comes afterwards.

But when you're fasting, it's as simple as "no, not right now". It makes life so much simpler.

This makes fasting the greatest cure for snacking ever seen. It teaches you that you don't always need to be fed.

“Fasting is the greatest cure for snacking ever seen!”

Fasting is free!

Fasting has been a natural part of every major religion in the world. It has been around for generations.

But fasting is not convenient for big corporations. How do you sell fasting? It’s easier to sell health foods and breakfast cereals, gluten-free "this" and low-fat "that".

We’ve been made to believe that fasting is bad for you! But this is simply wrong!

Fasting can fix you!

You could continue in the same way. Waiting for the next fad diet to fix you. Waiting another year, hoping the weight will magically fall off. Wondering if it’s too much bread. If it’s too many biscuits. “Is fruit good or bad?” “Maybe I need to go vegan?”

“The likely scenario is: Everything is going to stay the same unless you fix what is broken!”

“If I don’t eat for an hour, I get cranky!”

Look. We know that mention of fasting makes people uncomfortable.Sometimes you need a bit of help.

At WildLife, we know all the tricks of the trade. We’re seasoned professionals. We know how to never feel hungry.

We know how to feel amazing, even after 11 days straight (not that you’ll have to go that long - we just like a challenge!).

We know how to balance fasting while still eating all the foods you enjoy and not sacrificing your social life like so many diets.

We know how to change your eating plan so you can reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Most importantly: We know how to make sure you fix your metabolism and keep the weight off! Forever!

When you're not fasting, you can be feasting.

Of course, you should still be eating consciously. Avoiding stuff that isn’t real food. We all know what’s not good for us.

But when you’re living a lifestyle that’s built around fasting, you can be a little bit more liberal. You don’t have to say no to everything. An extra spoon of icecream is fine! You’ve deserved it.

Relax and enjoy your time to feast. But a word of warning: Your eyes will be bigger than your stomach.

“Fasting can be though of a completely natural gastric bypass. It shrinks your appetite so you won't even want to eat.You don't need willpower.”

Fasting is the most effective way to lose that belly fat that just won’t go.

Having belly fat is dangerous. And it’s not just the fat you can see. There’s just as much below the surface, suffocating your organs.

The facts are simple. Your waist size is just as important as your total weight. If have a large waist, you have up to a 50% higher chance of dying young [6].

And belly fat is usually the last thing to go. The more you have, the harder it is to lose. This is not because you're eating too much. It's because of hormonal imbalances [7] .

One of the most powerful effects of fasting: Fixing your hormones to finally get rid of stubborn belly fat!

Fix your body. Fix your life!

Everyone has their own reasons for losing weight. But we’re sure we don’t need to convince you that when you look good, you feel good. As you drop-down in dress-size, the compliments fly in.

When you lose weight, everyone around you loses weight. Your family. Your friends. It’s an amazing feeling. You’ll have more energy. More for your job. More for your children. More for your partner. More for yourself!

You can have it too. What you’ve always been dreaming about. Make the magic come true.

We’ll teach you how to make fasting work for you safely and happily!

Fasting is a lost tradition. And it’s so effective. At WildLife, we only trust methods that have stood the test of time. No fads.

We’ll give you a completely free 30-minute phone consultation.

We’ll evaluate your current weight loss methods.

We’ll tell you everything you want to know.

We’ll give you all the resources to get started by yourself.

We’ll help you just give it a go.

The magic you’re waiting for might finally happen.

You just have to make the first move.

Do it for yourself!

You can have it too. What you’ve always been dreaming about. Make the magic come true.

Book a completely free 30-minute phone consultation and we'll tell you literally everything you want to know about fasting and other complimentary weight-loss methods.

Only 3 free consultations remaining over the next 7 days.

From here, you have three options.

Option #1 Do nothing and continue to search, hope and dream that something magical is going to happen while you continue failing at the next diet that comes along.

Option #2 If you're convinced to give fasting a go,try it alone. Warning: Without the right information, it's not so simple. But with the right information, it's so simple and effective.

Option #3 Just book a completely free consultation with us. It's with absolutely no obligation to buy or do anything. We'll tell you everything you want to know. If you do want to go alone, we'll give you a head-start you'll never read in any book. We've already made all the mistakes ourselves. We know exactly how fasting feels and how it works in the body and the mind.

We can show you how to get the body and the life you’ve always wanted. But it's up to you to make your dreams come true!

Only 3 free consultations remaining over the next 7 days.

What will I learn on my free phone consultation?

  1. Get completely personalised analysis of your current weight loss strategies.
  2. A free assessment to see if you're already likely to have a slow metabolism.
  3. How to ease into fasting the right way while avoiding any hunger or discomfort.
  4. How to extend a fast easily by drinking the right stuff (and not ruin your fast by drinking the wrong stuff!)
  5. What to eat when you're not fasting to make your fasts even more effective.
  6. Exactly how to stay well-nourished throughout a fast!
  7. How you can actually perform better physically and mentally during a fast!
  8. How to quickly transition to a fasted state in less than 24 hours to completely avoid any muscle wastage (this is extremely important!)
  9. Our top 5 tips for maximising sleep while fasting (this can be tricky if you don't prepare correctly but is easy when it's done right!)
  10. We'll tell you the one and only kind of exercise you should be doing in order to maximise your weight loss alongside fasting. Everything else will be a waste of time. Note: It's not running. And no, you don't have to go to the gym!
  11. We'll even give you a complete 5-phase weight loss plan for you to get started right away! (Normally worth £100)
  12. Learn about a bunch of other complimentary ways to boost your metabolism and enhance your fast (these all make things work so much faster).

Only 3 free consultations remaining over the next 7 days.

Google Reviews

Savvas has a really unique and practical approach to weight loss, something that has meant a lot to me after constantly jumping from diet to diet!

His techniques and advice endorse a true shift in mindset and way of life. I’m better for it and can’t thank him and his business enough!

Tania Mei-Ling Lee

I can not speak highly enough of sav and his coaching techniques. He helped me drop a stone in time for my wedding. I am not normally a fan of exercise and diets, but he made the whole experience with him fun and rewarding. He clearly knows his stuff and is a real people person. I can say that I lost the weight but I gained a friend :)

Jack Thomas

Such amazing coaching, completely suited to my individual needs, so motivating and helpful. The best weight loss program I’ve ever done...I can definitely see the weight loss!! Thank you so much 😊

Demelza Tabor

You won't meet anyone who knows more about practical health and nutrition than Savvas.

He has helped me work up my fitness from a beginner level in a very short period of time and lose weight and look better than ever. Now I can even attend advanced MMA classes with confidence! He has also taught me a lot about cooking which has helped me enjoy my diet and nutrition. I highly recommend giving WildLife a go to reach your health and weight loss goals!

Galina Voynova

I feel like a new woman! My health has never been better! Savvas has been able to simplify the steps for a healthy lifestyle, supporting me with easy actions that have really helped to lose weight and get fitter. The programme has also helped my sleep and stress levels, which has made a huge difference to my health alongside my weight loss.

Abigail Kitson

Savvas is not just a coach, if anything that phrase does him a disservice. He is inspiring, knowledgeable, approachable and has fully lived the experiences he preaches.

Savvas helped me through times of struggle regarding my sleep and with his guidance and extensive knowledge on intermittent fasting and the Ketogenic diet I have been at a weight unseen since my teenage years; 15 years of bellies and double chins have taken their toll and Savvas has unequivocally helped me take back control over so many aspects of my life.

Seriously could not recommend this dude highly enough. You could continue living unconsciously, stuck in the same cycle or you could become conscious and with Savvas' help start realising your true potential like I have mine! In all truth, I probably wouldn't have started doing the things I love had I not had his help, for which I am and continue to be forever grateful! Thank you

Ryan Gallager (Mythilosphy)

What are the other benefits of fasting?

The benefits of fasting don't stop with weight loss. Getting slimmer is just an expression of your body becoming healthier.

People typically see or experience:

  • The lightest stomach you're ever going to feel. No bloating at all!
  • Continuous energy levels throughout the day. (No sugar spikes or crashes!)
  • Massively improved attention span and elimination of brain fog.
  • Relaxation of skin rashes and allergies (there's nothing to aggravate them from your diet!)
  • Incredible dental hygiene!
  • Amazing efficiency gains by not having to think about, buy, prepare, cook, eat, pick, digest or clean-up any food!
  • Unreal cost savings! You don't need to buy expensive health foods or equipment. You just don't buy anything at all!

Only 3 free consultations remaining over the next 7 days.

Finally: Lose weight after years of trying!

Book your free 30-minute phone consultation!

  • Learn exactly why you can't lose weight!
  • Learn simple strategies to reset your metabolism.
  • Speak to an professional about how fasting can work for me.
  • Learn how to finally get the body and the life you want after years of trying!
  • Get a free complete 5-phase weight loss plan for you to get started right away! (Normally worth £100)

...and so much more!

Coach Savvas Nicholas

Weight Loss Expert

Coach Savvas Nicholas

Weight Loss Expert

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Only 3 free consultations remaining over the next 7 days.